Yale Sappern Civility Award

The Yale Sappern Civility Award honors and recognizes a New Haven area lawyer or court staff person who exhibits and/or embodies the kind and helpful qualities found in the person and work of Yale Sappern, the Administrative Supervisor of the Family Division of the Superior Court, J.D. at New Haven from 1966 to 1997.  The intent of the award is to increase and encourage civility in our courthouse and legal community.

Past recipients include:

2013- Hon. Jonathan E. Silbert                            

2012- Kathleen Naumann

2011- Hon. John Keyes

2010- Gary P. Sklaver

2009- Bernard Christianson

2008- Amina Nadja Warsama Connelly & John A. "Jack" Dziekan

2006- Cathleen M. Edwards

2005 - George G. Manning

2004 - Ira B. Grudberg

2003 - Helen D. Murphy

2002 - Hon. Barbara A. Coppeto

2001 - Roger J. Frechette

2000 - Edward J. Dolan

1999 - John R. McGrail

1997 - Hon. John N. Reynolds

To Apply:

Yale Sappern Civility Award Criteria

Yale Sappern Civility Award Nomination Form


Lifetime Acheivement Award

Presented at the NHCBA Annual Dinner, the Lifetime Achievement Award honors and recognizes a New Haven area lawyer or judge who has been in practice for at least forty years, has made outstanding contributions to the legal profession; is held in high esteem and regard by clients, colleagues, and the judiciary; and practices with the highest ethical and professional standards.  Nominations are accepted each July.

Past recipients include:

2013 - William F. Dow III

2012 - David N. Rosen

2011 - William J. Doyle

2010 - Harold C. Donegan

2009 - Anthony M. Fitzgerald

2008 - Hon. James G. Kenefick, Jr.

2006 - Hon. Ellen Bree Burns

2005 - Susan W. Wolfson (posthumously)

2004 - William F. Gallagher

2003 - Hon. Robert I. Berdon

2002 - Hon. Rhoda L. Loeb

2001 - Jack H. Evans

1999 - Hon. Anthony V. DeMayo

1995 - Howard A. Jacobs

1995 - Hon. John C. Flanagan

1993 - James R. Greenfield

Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form

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