Publicity Committee


Mission Statement

The mission of the New Haven County Bar Association Publicity / Public Relations Committee is to enhance the image and reputation of the Association and the legal profession among members of the Association, members of the profession and members of the general public within the framework of an integrated communications plan. 


The Publicity / Public Relations Committee supports the mission, goals and objectives of the Association by collecting, producing and disseminating news and other information in a variety of formats to increase awareness of the Association’s work in: 

  1.  Improving public understanding of and respect for the rule of law, the legal process, and the role of courts, judges and lawyers in the community;
  2.  Preserving and enhancing the legal system and the legal profession;
  3.  Advancing equal access to the judicial system;
  4.  Promoting legal education and professional development;
  5.  Encouraging professionalism; and
  6.  Fostering excellence in legal representation. 



  1.  To publicize the works of Association, past, present and those planned for the future.
  2.  To support and assist in the strategic coordination of the Association’s community relations and communication efforts to ensure maximum benefit from its community involvement.
  3.  To utilize public relations tools to inform the public about Association activities, and the efforts and accomplishments of its committees to achieve a positive and recurring presence in local, regional and statewide media outlets.
  4.  To assist in developing Association communications that are consistent in content, clarity, accuracy, integrity and overall quality.
  5.  To develop and maintain positive and productive relationships with the media, business and community leaders, and elected and appointed officials to serve the Association’s mission and support the Association’s goals and objectives.



  1.  To generate informative and regular news opportunities for local, regional and statewide media focusing on Association programs and accomplishments.
  2.  To communicate and interact with Association members and potential members through the "Marble Columns" newsletter and web page services.
  3.  To support Association events and activities through publicity, writing and photographic services.


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